Ed Sheeran is getting candid about his addictive personality, and how it has affected him thus far in his life. The UK born pop sensation is revealing some deep secrets about his personal life.

Getting real about his faults, Sheeran sat down for an exclusive interview with the Sun newspaper and shared some personal details about his habits. 

Ed Sheeran is getting candid about his bad habits

As Ed Sheeran's career took off, the singer revealed he developed some unhealthy habits to cope with the rise of fame.

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"I have a very addictive personality. Very, very addictive personality," he said.

"I’m reading Elton John’s book at the moment and there are so many things that he did that I do," Sheeran continued. "He would be like, 'I would just go on an ice cream binge and eat four f---g desserts until I throw it up,' and I was like, 'I’ve done that before'," he said.

"Or his martini binges, where he sees how many he can drink. And I’m like, 'I’ve done that before, too.' He ends up getting really f---g sad and depressed and all of these things can add to that."

Sheeran then revealed he also developed addictions, but that he has worked very hard to overcome it.

"I think things like sugar, sweet stuff, junk food, cocaine, alcohol, it feels good the more you do, but it’s the worst thing for you, I think. I think, with addiction, it’s just very hard to moderate, but moderation is the key," he said.

"I’m covered in tattoos and I kind of don’t do things by halves so if I’m gonna drink, I see no point in having a glass of wine. I’d rather have two bottles," he revealed.

"Having a glass of wine is having something in moderation and probably isn’t going to affect your day the next day. But two bottles of wine probably might make you quite sad. And there’s only so many movies you can watch and packets of Monster Munch you can eat," he added.

Sheeran credits his wife, Cherry, for helping him overcome his bad habits.

"She eats quite healthily," he said. "So I started eating quite healthily with her. She doesn’t drink that much so I wasn’t drinking."

Ed Sheeran and Cherry Seaborn look on during the Sky Bet Championship match between Ipswich Town and Aston Villa.

He also went on to share that he suffers from anxiety and panic attacks, but that his wife has greatly helped him overcome those, too.

"Sometimes she’ll be like, 'Cool. Yeah, we’ll leave,' but sometimes I am just being paranoid," he said.

Sheeran then recalls a specific moment the two sat for a nice anniversary dinner in Venice, when a panic attack hit. 

"I remember, as soon as I got into the restaurant, I was like, 'Get me the f--k out of here.' And she said, 'No one’s looking at you. No one wants anything. There are just old people chilling, they’re having their coffees.' And then, after five minutes, everything was calm," he recalled.

Sheeran says that despite his struggles, he's working towards living life in moderation.