31-year-old Riley Keough posted a deeply emotional and heartfelt tribute to her younger brother 27-year-old Benjamin Keough. One week ago Elvis Presley's only grandson tragically committed suicide leaving a deep hole in loving Riley's heart.

Riley Keough to her brother Benjamin: "I forget that you are gone"

On Instagram, Riley Keough posted a series of sweet photos of good memories with her late brother Benjamin. In the caption, the 31-year old Riley began her emotional message with "The mornings are the toughest. I forget that you are gone." Benjamin tragically died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound in his Calabasas home.

The deep wound this has left on young Riley is evident when she said "I can't cry because of the fear that I will never stop. A pain that's new to me." She attempts to describe her brother saying "Angel is the closest I could think of. Pure light. Baby brother. Best friend. Wildman. Intellectual. Witness to my life. Twin soul. Protector."

You clearly get the sense of how truly awful the pain she is going through. Riley begged her baby brother "I hope you give me the strength to eat," and "I hope you feel my love. I hope you feel god," and finally "I hope we meet again."

In addition to Riley, Benjamin Keough had two other siblings: the 11-year-old twin's Harper and Finley from 52-year old Lisa Marie Presley's marriage to guitarist 59-year-old Michael Lockwood. The whole family has been shaken, Lisa Marie being "unconsolable, and beyond devastated" according to Presley's representative. Lisa would frequently refer to just how similar her King of Rock's father and her son Benjamin looked. The whole family is in incredible pain from this horrific loss. Our hearts are with Riley and all of Benjamin's family and loved ones.