Lily Collins stars in the title role of new Netflix series Emily in Paris. In the show, from Sex and the City creator Darren Star, young American woman "Emily" takes a job in Paris, where she encounters cultural differences. The show's fashion is sensational, but that's not the only reason the series is gaining momentum. And "Emily's" neighbour "Gabriel" has plenty to do with it.

For actor Lucas Bravo, 32, "Gabriel" on Emily in Paris is an international breakthrough role. Born in Nice, France in 1988, he's the son of soccer player Daniel Bravo. He previously acted in French short films and TV series. With a height of 6-foot-1, he has been featured in a Chanel campaign, among other gigs.

Emily in Paris: "Gabriel" actor Lucas Bravo's many talents

The 32-year-old star has more talents yet. His Emily in Paris role is as a cook, and Bravo himself pursued the occupation for some time in real life. He worked as a sous-chef, giving him off-screen experience toward the role of "Gabriel."

So, the actor is quite versatile. This is noticeable when you scroll through his Instagram history. Bravo likes to change his look - he's had shoulder-length hair, a full beard, and even short blue hair at another time. But as "Gabriel," he keeps it simple and classy.

When the French are not modelling or in front of the camera, they love to travel. Bravo revealed to Glamour that he prefers to do it all solo. His next dream destination: South America, more precisely Patagonia.

Does Lucas Bravo have a girlfriend or partner?

In Emily in Paris, Bravo gets very close to fellow actor Lily Collins. But it's unknown if he has a partner in real life. He keeps his love life out of the public eye.

The actor finds all the hype surrounding him to be a bit odd, as well. In an interview with The Cut, he reflected on the possibility of his worldwide stardom by saying: "I've heard that before, but I'm very uncomfortable with this. I just hope people are going to be moved and touched by the show." It doesn't seem this attention will subside in the near future, though!

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