• Eva Mendes is happy as a mother
  • She has ditched acting for family life
  • THIS is how she describes it

Eva Mendes, the sultry star of 'Hitch,' has traded red carpets for playdates in a candid confession about her life as a full-time mama bear to her cubs with silver screen hunk Ryan Gosling. "It was a no-brainer," Mendes gushed on NBC's 'Today,' making mom life sound like the hottest role yet!

The Dynamic Duo: Mendes & Gosling's Love Saga!

The lovebirds, who sizzled onscreen in 'The Place Beyond the Pines' (2012), have since created their own off-screen drama with two darling daughters. Mendes, the ultimate multi-tasker, juggles motherhood with her business ventures, while Gosling, the dashing "Ken" of 'Barbie' fame, brings home the bacon—and the Oscar nods!

After Gosling's stellar stint as Ken, which had the world buzzing with "Kenergy," Mendes playfully commanded on Instagram, "Now come home, we need to put the kids to bed." Talk about a power couple that knows how to keep it real!

Mendes' last silver screen appearance in 'Lost River' (2014) might have been a while ago, but she's been anything but idle.

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With a voice role in 'Bluey' and a debut picture book, "Desi, Mami, and the Never-Ending Worries," Mendes is showing the world that there's no role more versatile than that of a creative and caring mom!