• Eva Mendes shares rare post on Instagram
  • With a heartfelt request to Ryan Gosling
  • She drives fans crazy

The 2024 Oscars were ablaze with stars, but none shone quite like Ryan Gosling (Actor, 43) and his better half, Eva Mendes. This notoriously private pair gave us a rare peek into their world with not one, but two Instagram gems that sent fans into a frenzy!

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Eva Mendes' playful plea to Ryan Gosling

After Gosling set the stage on fire with his "I'm Just Ken" number, Mendes couldn't help but tease her hubby with a playful post-Oscar plea. Donning Gosling's hot pink jacket and black cowboy hat, she captioned, "You took Ken all the way to the Oscar’s, RG. Now come home, we need to put the kids to bed." Talk about couple goals!

Earlier, Mendes had fans gushing as she posed in double denim outside Gosling's dressing room. "Always by my man," she declared, proving that behind every great Ken, there's an even greater Barbie.

Gosling's glittering night: A tale of style, laughter, and love

The night was chock-full of highlights for Gosling, from strutting the red carpet with his sister, Mandi, to cracking jokes with Emily Blunt. And while he didn't snag an Oscar, with heavyweights like Robert Downey Jr. and the Eilish siblings in the mix, Gosling's performance and nominations had us all saying, "Who needs a trophy when you've got style?"


So, what's the takeaway from this star-studded soirée? Whether lighting up the stage or lighting up Instagram, Eva and Ryan are the dream team we can't help but adore. And when it's time to put the kids to bed, even Oscar-nominated actors know where their truest role lies.

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