There is a warrant out for Zoe McLellan's arrest in Los Angeles County.

The former NCIS: New Orleans actress is facing outstanding charges of kidnapping, child stealing and child custody deprivation, according to court documents obtained this week by TMZ. McLellan allegedly disappeared with her son in 2019.

NCIS actress Zoe McLellan accused of kidnapping her son

The story is a complicated and sensitive one dating back several years, and the facts aren't settled just yet. But McLellan and her ex-husband, actor J.P. Gillain, divorced in 2016 and had a custody battle over their then 4-year-old son Sebastian.

Gillain claims that McLellan violated their custody agreement in 2017 when she took their son to Toronto while filming Designated Survivor. He says he last heard from his ex-wife and son in 2019, TMZ reported.

Since then, no one has seen McLellan or her son, but she's apparently thought to be somewhere near New Orleans. She hasn't surrendered to police as of July 11, though the arrest warrant dates back to May.

But it doesn't end there. In early 2020, the ex-husband, Gillain, was arrested on charges of first-degree rape and aggravated crime against nature, with McLellan claiming the victim was their son, WDSU News reported.

McLellan said the alleged abuse occurred between 2014 and 2016, just before she and her husband divorced, but the serious charges against Gillain were dropped in May 2020 due to insufficient evidence, per

Zoe McLellan and ex-husband J.P. Gillain divorced in 2016

Both McLellan and Gillain are actors who married in 2012. They split in 2014 and officially divorced in 2016.

McLellan, 46, is known from NCIS: New OrleansJAG, and Designated Survivor. Gillain, a German-born actor, has appeared on series including Westworld.

Former NCIS star Zoe McLellan's ex has accused her of kidnapping their son.

In any case, we're hoping the child is safe and well as authorities handle the situation between the former couple. We'll keep you posted on the story.