• Matthew Perry was best known from Friends
  • He was born in Massachusetts in 1969
  • This is his mother Suzanne Perry

Everyone knows Matthew Perry from his years on Friends. The actor played the one and only "Chandler Bing."

Perry was born in Williamstown, Massachusetts, in 1969, but he was actually raised in Ottawa, Ontario, by his Canadian mom Suzanne. Did you know she's actually famous in her own right?

Who is Friends star Matthew Perry's mother?

Matthew Perry's mother is Suzanne Perry (née Langford), a Canadian journalist. Suzanne was married to Matthew's father John Bennett Perry, but they divorced just months after the birth of Matthew. Afterward, Suzanne raised her son in Ottawa.

Matthew Perry with his mother Suzanne (R) and sister Emily (L)

We mentioned that Suzanne is a journalist, but she has some pretty impressive former careers, too. She is an ex-TV news anchor for a Canadian network, and she was the press secretary for Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau (father of current PM Justin Trudeau).

Also interesting:

In 1980, the Toronto Star even remarked that Suzanne Perry was "quickly becoming a celebrity herself, simply by appearing" alongside the noted PM Trudeau in photos.

The pair's sons also attended school together, and Matthew Perry once revealed he had a scrap with Justin Trudeau when they were young. Small world!

Suzanne later got remarried to fellow Canadian journalist Keith Morrison. According to People magazine, they've been married since 1981, and Morrison was Matthew Perry's stepfather. Morrison now works on Dateline NBC.

Suzanne Perry is in her 80s today, and her famous son was all over the news lately after passing away at the age of 54 in October 2023.