By now you have heard of Zoom, it's the main form of communication for important things like school and company meetings and for less important but far more entertaining things like celebrity interviews and podcasts. Check out a few of our favorite celebrity moments caught on Zoom:

Will Ferrell Joins NFL Team Seattle Seahawks

Some celebrities have figured out that they can crash your Zoom meeting and all they need is a time, the ID, and a password. One of our favorite crashes comes from comedy legend Will Ferrell who joined in on the Seattle Seahawks meeting pretending to be newcomer Greg Olson. Will didn't even bother to do an impression, instead, he was simply himself pretending to be Greg. Kind of like the time he accepted Tiger Woods award for Best Male Athlete pretending to be Tiger!

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*NSYNC's Justin Timberlake Looks Different

Luckily for us, 90s boy band *NSYNC got together on Zoom to collaborate on new songs. The whole gang was there: Lance Bass, Joey Fatone, JC Chasez, Chris Kirkpatrick, and even Justin Timberlake! Or at least Kill Tony comedian Jeremiah Watkins impersonating Justin Timberlake. The gang loved "Justin's" silly but inappropriate song ideas.

The Goonies Reunited!

Frozen's Josh Gad got together the entire cast of The Goonies for an amazing charity! Even Steven Spielberg himself joined in! Some of these guys haven't lost their comic charm...especially Josh Brolin.

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David Spade Has Zingers For Any Guest

Stand-Up comedy legend David Spade has adapted his podcast for quarantine times and has some of the best interviews out there. He's interviewed all your favorite comedians, Lindsay Lohan, and the entire cast of Tiger King! Except for Joe Exotic and Carole Baskin of course...

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Conan O'Brien Takes Over Company Meeting

Conan stormed in on a legitimate corporate meeting for the company TIBCO in hopes of building up morale all the while shaming the employees for laziness and proposing new ideas. Oh Conan, never change.

These guys can make Zoom meetings fun!

Taika Waititi Is Officially Directing An Upcoming 'Star Wars' Movie

May the 4th brought exciting news from a galaxy far, far, away...

Taika Waititi Is Now Officially Directing The Upcoming 'Star Wars' Movie!