Game Of Thrones Star, Will Tudor

Born April 11th, 1987 in London, Will Tudor grew up with the expectations that he would follow in his medical worker's family's footsteps. Tudor followed his own interests, graduating from Leicester University with a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature and attending the Royal Center of Speech and Drama to hone his acting skills. 

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He thrived on stage in performances of Richard III and Guys and Dolls. He had a small part on a BBC adaptation of Great Expectations but then in 2013 he landed a coveted spot on the cast of HBO's Game Of Thrones.

Will Tudor, Game Of Thrones' Hunky Traitor

He elegantly portrayed the high class promiscuous gay interest of "Loras Tyrell". SPOILERS! His character "Olyvar" ultimately led young "Loras" to his death by exposing their sexual history to religious extremists to imprison him and was literally blown up by main villain "Cersei Lannister".

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Of his characters' hand in the death of "Loras", Tudor said "As a human being, I was sorry. As an actor, I was sorry… then not sorry… and then sorry again." The move was intriguing and yet guilt-inducing for him.

Shadowhunters' Will Tudor Today

Since his time on Game Of Thrones, Will Tudor has received even more screen time in shows such as In The Club, Humans, and Shadowhunters. He also starred as Gold Medal Olympian Christopher Dean in the ITV biopic Torvill & Dean and will be a part of Lena Dunham's upcoming banking drama Industry.

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