• Scott Patterson starred for a long time in the series Gilmore Girls
  • There he was seen as the heartthrob "Luke".
  • That's exactly what the actor criticizes 

Although Scott Patterson (63) only decided to reprise the role of diner owner "Luke" for new episodes of the series Gilmore Girls in 2016, he criticizes the show heavily. In his podcast "I Am All In with Scott Patterson" he talks about he felt "like a piece of meat" because he became the object of desire. 

Gilmore Girls filming found Scott Patterson "unpleasant and disgusting“

The shooting became "unpleasant and disgusting" for him at points, which made him want to quit everything.

An example from season three: "Sookie" and "Lorelai" were talking about the nice shape of his butt. "It made me feel really embarrassed. It's infuriating to be treated that way. It is infuriating because you’re being treated like an object. And it’s disturbing, and I had to endure that through that entire scene and many takes. I couldn’t wait for that day to be over," is Patterson's take on it.

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He continues: "You stand there in front of the whole crew and think, 'This is how the producers of the show see this character.' You feel humiliated and your dignity is taken away from you." He draws attention to something that is often not considered in the industry: "It's just as gross when women objectify men as it is when men objectify women.“ 

Nevertheless, Scott Patterson continued to stand in front of the camera for Gilmore Girls. He regrets one thing: "I'm mad at myself for never saying anything, but I had this job and I didn't want to upset anyone.“