Actress Ellen Pompeo shared an important message to the doctors and nurses of the world. The Grey's Anatomy star took to her Instagram for an appreciation post to the medical professionals who are treating the coronavirus outbreak. See Pompeo's thank you video below.

Ellen Pompeo's coronavirus message to doctors and nurses

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Grey's Anatomy: Ellen Pompeo's Instagram appreciation post

Pompeo, who plays "Dr. Meredith Grey" on Grey's Anatomy, directed attention to the doctors and nurses who are handling the coronavirus pandemic. 

"Many of us have the privilege to self-quarantine and isolate and try to stay healthy, and none of you have that privilege. You all have to be on the front lines of this thing and what is certainly bad now but will most definitely get worse in the next couple of weeks," she says in the video.

"So this is just from me and my family to all of you to say thank you. We appreciate you, we love you. Stay safe. Nurses rock, doctors rock, and anyone who works in a hospital or the health-care industry, you rock."

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Grey's Anatomy cast member Ellen Pompeo

Ellen Pompeo has starred in Grey's Anatomy since the show premiered in 2005. She's now 50-years-old. It seems that her years on the popular TV show made her mindful of the sacrifices that real-world doctors and nurses make on a daily basis - and especially during a pandemic, such as the current coronavirus outbreak.

Grey's Anatomy is in the middle of airing and producing its 16th season on ABC. Production, however, was also halted as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. Three new episodes are still scheduled to air on Thursday nights, with the next one coming on March 19.

Ellen Pompeo

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