• 'Grey's Anatomy' is back with Season 20
  • The show is looking to sizzle up yet again
  • THIS is the scoop on the new details

There are many things coming with "Bailey" reclaiming control over the surgical interns in a dramatic twist. The episode sees our favorite characters grappling with the aftermath of their questionable decisions, a risky surgery to save "Teddy", and "Meredith" secretly continuing her controversial Alzheimer's research.

Grey's will be back and sizzling

Get ready for a season of back-to-basics drama, heart-pumping medical emergencies, and the complex personal lives of Seattle's finest doctors.

The Season 20 premiere of 'Grey's Anatomy' kicked off with a bang, leaving fans on the edge of their seats! The interns faced the music after their Season 19 shenanigans, with "Nick" delivering the ultimate cliffhanger: "Which one of you am I firing?" Talk about starting with a heart-stopper!

But the drama didn't stop there! "Simone" and "Lucas" found themselves in a literal crash course when their ambulance was repeatedly hit by a rogue self-driving car. And you won't believe this – they didn't even move the ambulance! Viewers were left scratching their heads and clutching their pearls in suspense.

As the episode unfolded, we saw the emotional turmoil of "Owen" as he held hands with his ex-wife "Amelia" while Teddy's fate hung in the balance. Meanwhile, "Jo" and "Link" dealt with the guilt over their patient's death, and "Meredith" and "Nick's" love story stayed on track. But let's not forget "Richard" who's stepping back into AA – talk about a journey of redemption!

In a juicy 'Deadline' interview, Meg Marinis dished on the premiere's impact on our beloved characters. From Bailey's teaching prowess to the interns' relationship drama freeze, Marinis promises a season of growth, reflection, and, yes, more of those "back to basics" vibes.

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Fans, prepare for a season that honors the roots of 'Grey's Anatomy' while exploring the complexities of modern medicine and relationships.