• Actress Camilla Luddington talks about postpartum anxiety battle
  • Luddington shares her mental health struggle
  • She breaks the stigma

Camilla Luddington (40), the star known for her role on the hit medical drama 'Grey's Anatomy,' is shedding light on a personal battle that's as real as it gets. During a personal conversation with 'Wondermind' in April, Luddington opened up about her struggle with postpartum anxiety, a condition that blindsided her after the birth of her son, Lucas Matthew, in August 2020.

Braving the storm of motherhood

"It's a very British thing to not really seek therapy," the actress admitted, echoing the sentiments of many who keep calm and carry on. But after the arrival of her daughter, she faced a reality that couldn't be ignored. "I had so much anxiety," she confessed, drawing back the curtain on a struggle many mothers face in silence.

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Luddington's journey took a turn when her role as a mother became "super triggering." Losing her own mother at a young age, she was haunted by fears of a similar fate. "It can bring up constant worst-case-scenario [thinking] for you," she shared, giving voice to the inner turmoil that drove her to seek help.

Therapy: The gift that keeps on giving 

Determined to not let anxiety define her parenting, Luddington took a bold step towards therapy. "I need to gift this to myself, gift this to my family," she stated, emphasizing the importance of mental health care for the well-being of her children, Lucas and daughter Hayden (6).

Reflecting on her upbringing, Luddington is determined to chart a different course for her kids. Mental health wasn't a topic of discussion in her own childhood, but she's set on changing that narrative. "I want them to know to not be ashamed of seeking help or taking medication," she insisted, hoping to dismantle the stigma and empower her children with the knowledge that it's okay to ask for help.

Camilla's message: strength in vulnerability 

Luddington's story is a powerful reminder that even celebrities are not immune to the challenges of mental health. By sharing her experience, she hopes to inspire others to recognize the signs and seek support. "I just want to be able to be open and [want them to] understand: 'Hey, mom has anxiety,'" she said, advocating for awareness and understanding.

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