• The half-giant "Hagrid" is a beloved character from the Harry Potter film saga
  • This is how Robbie Coltrane's size was tricked
  • More than computer effects were needed

The name "Hagrid" is known to millions of people: he is the friendly and warm-hearted half-giant from the Harry Potter film franchise. He was played by Robbie Coltrane († 72), who was of course not quite as tall as he appears in the film. That would be almost a whopping 2.60 meters after all!

This is how "Hagrid" became a half-giant without computer effects

Did you know that mor than computer effects were used to make "Hagrid" seem so huge? Different tricks were used depending on the scene. For example, as soon as only "Hagrid" was shown, the same set was used, but in a smaller version. And so that made Robbie, who recently passed away, automatically larger.

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If "Hagrid" was in the picture with one or more people, Robbie Coltrane was replaced by a body double, named Martin Bayfield (55). The rugby player measures 2.10m and donned a bodysuit for the role. But Martin also memorized Robbie's gestures and other movements so well that one could easily confuse the two in the end!

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