• Harry Styles had a big night at the 2023 BRIT Awards
  • On top of award wins, he made headlines with his outfits
  • Styles wore a huge flower accessory on the red carpet

Harry Styles is known to push boundaries when it comes to fashion. From revealing looks to skirts and more, the British singer always gets people talking with his outfits.

And Styles did it once again at the 2023 BRIT Awards. In one of his more unconventional choices so far, he wore...

Harry Styles's BRIT Awards outfit included one giant flower 

A Nina Ricci suit with a massive floral accessory around his neck. The piece even partially obscured his face on the red carpet. (Photos in the video above.)

The all-black outfit also featured wide lapels and puffy pants. Styles went without a shirt beneath the jacket.

Also interesting:

If it's not your cup of tea, Harry would change up his look several times during the award show. Once for a performance on stage. And when it came time to collect his awards.

He won a whole slew of BRIT Awards, including Album of the Year, Artist of the Year, and Song of the Year. Not a bad night for the singer...

See all the pictures in the video above!