Jorge Garcia's character "Jerry Ortega" exited the Hawaii Five-0 cast in the very first episode of season ten, but Jorge actually has some new projects lined up, and one of them sounds particularly interesting. The movie When We Were Pirates will reunite the actor with two of his former LOST co-stars Harold Perrineau and Henry Ian Cusick, who played the roles of "Michael Dawson" and "Desmond Hume" on the FOX hit drama - Garcia starred as "Hugo 'Hurley' Reyes".

Jorge Garcia: Reunited with former LOST co-stars

According to the official website of the project, production on the film will begin in summer of 2020 and it will be directed by Richie Gibbs. The basic plot is described on the site as follows: 

"When We Were Pirates opens with a vintage 1970's vibe, capturing the innocence of childhood juxtaposed with the violence of Los Angeles at the time. As the city was being torn apart by racial disharmony, a group of kids who are colorblind, remind us that hatred is taught. It’s a love story of six friends who make a playground promise and as adults, have to find forgiveness for each other and ultimately themselves, in order to honor that promise."

Actor Jorge Garcia arrives at the ABC TCA party at the Abby on July 27, 2005

"Jerry Ortega" has new projects coming up...!

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Jorge Garcia is also a producer on this movie and will star as "J.T. Morales", a "larger than life" character "with a heart of gold", while Harold Perrineau will play "Ray Mendes" and Henry Ian Cusick will portray "Travis Beemer". The story was developed by Rafael J. Noblé and Sharon Zimmer, who also stars as "Jen".

When We Were PiratesThe Goonies meets The Big Chill

The creators further describe the film as a "[...] melding of The Goonies and The Big Chill, When We Were Pirates is a cult classic waiting to be born." 

We will keep you posted on this project as the team gears up for production!

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