• Michelle Borth is an actress
  • She starred in Hawaii Five-0
  • Learn more about her life since leaving the show

The cast of the iconic series Hawaii Five-0 has changed a lot in the past years, and Michelle Borth, who portrayed "Catherine Rollins" was definitely one of the stars that we didn't expect to leave the show.

Although she was not part of the main cast when the series premiered in 2010, she was promoted to a series regular cast member during seasons three and four, then she left the show in a regular capacity, and later she came and went for years. Her last appearance was in the eleventh episode of season 9.

Michelle Borth visits ‘The IMDb Show’ LIVE on Twitch in Studio City, California, 2019

Why exactly did Michelle leave the show and where is she now?

In 2014 it was revealed that the actress would not be returning to the series in a regular capacity, and although it was true that her character was disliked by some fans, no specific reasons for her exit were provided.

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Which season sees "Catherine Rollins" first help out the HPD?

Since the actress left the show she has not found another big TV role, but she starred in the 2018 film Devious Nanny, as well as in the 2020 TV movie No Good Deed. You can also catch Michelle in a couple of Christmas TV movies released in 2021.