The original face of 'Property Virgins'

HGTV's 'Property Virgins': This Is Sandra Rinomato Now

Where is HGTV's Sandra Rinomato today?

HGTV's Property Virgins always made us dream of owning a home someday! While Sandra Rinomato may not be hosting the show anymore, she still remains to be very active in the real estate business. Check out more on what Sandra Rinomato is doing with her career now!

Sandra Rinomato hosted the show Property Virgins from 2006-2011, as well as the Canadian HGTV series, Buy Herself. Although she has stopped hosting, Sandra continues her career as a real estate agent, actively promoting it on all of her social media outlets.

Property Virgins: Sandra Rinomato Today

Rinomato has also recently started up her own podcast tailored for single women who are interested in purchasing their own home. The podcast is based off of her previous television series, Buy Herself

Today, Sandra currently lives in Toronto, Canada with her husband and her incredibly adorable fluffy dog! 

She clearly has no plans on retiring anytime soon, as real estate is truly her passion! Property Virgins is HGTV's longest running show and is now hosted by Egypt Sherrod.