• Ashton Kutcher shared an old story about Harry Styles
  • He didn't know who Harry was at a karaoke party
  • Kutcher basically gave Styles singing advice

Ashton Kutcher just confessed to one embarrassing story involving himself and Harry Styles. The actor says it all left him feeling like "a jerk."

It goes like this. Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis were attending a star-studded karaoke party in the neighbourhood.

Ashton Kutcher had a karaoke run-in with Harry Styles

A young Harry Styles took the stage for karaoke and, as you might expect, blew everyone away.

The only problem? Ashton Kutcher didn't know who Harry Styles was. And it got a little awkward later... when he basically gave Styles advice about his singing.

Kutcher explained to Esquire that he went up to Styles and said: "Man, I gotta tell you something. You're really good, like really good."

The singer, songwriter and actor Harry Styles on stage in 2018.

Kutcher recalled Styles thanking him and saying: "I really appreciate that." (So he likely realized what was happening!)

But not long after, Kutcher clued into who the mystery karaoke singer was. Another friend soon told him: "It's Harry Styles."

Ashton Kutcher on the Harry Styles mix-up

Kutcher said he was unfamiliar with the One Direction and successful solo artist at the time.

But he explained: "Oh my god, now I feel like a jerk. He's a professional singer. And we're trying to tell him he's a good singer. And I like, feel so dumb."

Also interesting:

Kutcher even took the opportunity in the Esquire interview to offer a tongue-in-cheek apology: "I just really want to say, I'm sorry Harry Styles, but you're really good at karaoke man. Seriously, like really good."

Another interesting tidbit from the story? Harry Styles's go to band for karaoke night was: ABBA...

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