• Selena Gomez is an award-winning singer and actress
  • She is known for her polished good looks as much as her talent
  • Selena has recently posted pictures without makeup

Social media is usually no place for honesty. But Selena Gomez doesn't think so! She recently looked like a completely different person, because she was without make-up and without a filter on Instagram! In three photos, the singer looks into the camera and wears nothing but a smile on her face. "Me," she writes.

Selena Gomez is a natural beauty

Her bravery is stunning! Not many stars would have the courage to show their true face. Even the small blemish above her lip doesn't seem to bother her or her fans. Everyone was simply loving Selena as she truly is!

Also interesting:

Users and fans didn't let the opportunity slip by and showered her with compliments. "An inspiration for young and old women! I admire you Selena️", a user said. "You encourage me (actually us) to show the beauty in us in this overwhelming social media like Instagram where everyone has to be perfect and happy all the time..."

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