The super recognizable house for any The Golden Girls fans has just officially gone on sale! And the owner has a few things to say about the vintage sitcom home.

The Golden Girls Home On Sale

If you live in the Brentwood area of Los Angeles, you can own The Golden Girls house... for just $3 million! The house was only used for exterior shots and the original owner gave the production the plans of the home so the crew could recreate the interior plans on their film lot and sound stage. 

The current owner, James Barry, told Entertainment Tonight that fans frequently stop by to take a gander at the kooky gals house "Even the times I have gone back to the home recently, there is always someone walking by, parking in front or taking a picture. They are very respectful. Sometimes they ask me questions."

He was even shocked by the demographic of people who come by, saying "It's an older show, and the interest from young people is incredible. A lot of the people who come by are super young." 

Eventually, James' parents were offered to be flown out to the replica built at Disney's Hollywood Studios but they turned it down. "They offered to fly my parents [at the time] and put them in Florida for the opening, but they didn’t go,. They weren’t interested in something like that. I’m not sure they even saw the show more than once or twice. They weren’t sitcom people."

The iconic house sticks out in the neighborhood for its vintage Hawaiian and Japanese style design, perfect for "Rose," "Blanch," "Sophia", and "Dorothy" in Miami. Hopefully, the next family who lives there loves it like Jame's family did.