• Hugh Jackman is one of the most famous actors in the world
  • He is mostly known for his work as "Wolverine", turning him into a superstar
  • Jackman has had to level with rumors of his sexuality

Even the biggest names in Hollywood are not safe from scrutiny and rumors that can derail a career. Actor Hugh Jackman is one of the most famous victims of a scandalous story meant to belittle a celebrity. After Jackman was cast in the Les Miserables, and many other musicals since, some fans have wondered if Jackman is actually gay! 

Although it's not a very believable rumor, it has been around for a number of years now...

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For a number of years now, rumors have swirled about the actor's sexuality, since he has also been a strong advocate of LGBTQ+ rights in his native Australia and abroad. Hugh Jackman has never directly addressed the rumors himself, but this week, his wife, Deborra-Lee Furness has decided to speak out.

Speaking on the Not and Overnight Success podcast, the 66-year-old, who has been married to the 53-year old actor since 1996, described the baseless rumour as "so silly" but said it's one of many that has circulated about the A-list couple since they catapulted to global fame.

"I mean, hello guys - if he was gay, he could be gay!" said Deborra-Lee. "He didn't have to hide in the closet anymore, and he'd be dating Brad Pitt, or whatever. Not that Brad's gay, but you know what I'm saying!" she carried on.

Deborra-Lee Furness Knows How To Stand Up For Her Husband

"It's so silly, and then people perpetuate silly things and it's boring." And with that, Deborra-Lee closed the subject. But surely that won't be the end of these rumors for Jackman. Although Furness is more concerned with their on-screen affairs...when asked how they manage to do love scenes on screen she had this to say:

"It's so weird - I suppose because I've done it so many times before, it's not really romantic,' she said of herself. 'You've got the light in your face, you've got to hit a mark and so it's not really sexy."

Let's wish Hugh and Deborra-Lee many more years together!