• Selena Quintanilla was a Latin music icon
  • She is known for pioneering the "Tex Mex" genre of music
  • Selena has been immortalized as a music legend and Mexican icon

Not only did she master musical genres like ballads and pop, she was also the creator of techno cumbia. Many came to consider her as the "Mexican Madonna" for her contribution to the music industry. Selena is also considered the most important Latin artist of all time having had incredible international projection!

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Selena Was The Complete Package On Stage

In Memoriam: Selena Quintanilla

That is why we decided to pay her tribute with this video. Selena Quintanilla Pérez, was born on April 16 in Lake Jackson, Texas, USA. She was the youngest of the Quintanilla family. She is of Mexican and Cherokee descent. And at the age of 9, Selena was already showcasing her great talent for singing...

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