The original webseries Gentefied, executive produced by Ugly Betty's America Ferrera, was praised for being an honest look into modern life in one of the oldest Hispanic neighborhoods in Los Angeles, Boyle Heights.

Gentified Portrays Real Struggles All Over The US

The story is centered around a trio of Mexican-American cousins doing their best to help their immigrant grandfather keep his Taco shop alive against the new customers cravings and rising rents due to gentrification. The ever expanding gentrification and how it affects each character differently is a major theme in the show, the title coming from a combination of gentrification and the Spanish for people, gente. 

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Netflix Tackles Diversity

Gentrification is not the only theme this show takes on, it also addresses code-switching, gender norms, and the explosive tension surrounding immigration itself all the while being a comedy!

Get ready to dive into a fun but real look into the human experience in ever changing America! Gentified is streaming now, only on Netflix. Check out the trailer here!