• The strike on Hollywood rages on
  • Netflix is facing massive backlash in the middle of it
  • THIS is why

The news has completely impacted the industry, and many fear that it could signify the beginning of the end for Hollywood altogether. And maybe that's exactly what Netflix is thinking here! Netflix is facing backlash from Hollywood actors and writers on strike after posting a Machine Learning product manager role that would pay up to $900,000 as the entire film industry carries on with the debate on the role of artificial intelligence in the actual making of films.

Are Netflix future-proofing themselves here?

Part of the strike from the WGA and SAG-AFTRA was over their repeated concerns to the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers about a lack of compensation and protections related to AI. The fact is many around the world in just about every industry are beginning to wonder what AI could mean for their jobs!

This is what actor Rob Delaney told 'The Intercept' after he himself starred in an episode of 'Black Mirror' that dealt with the dangers of AI: 

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Tom Cruise Returns His 3 Golden Globes As Protest

Now the big stars are speaking out!

Tom Cruise Returns His 3 Golden Globes As Protest

"So $900k/yr per soldier in their godless AI army when that amount of earnings could qualify thirty-five actors and their families for SAG-AFTRA health insurance is just ghoulish [...] Having been poor and rich in this business, I can assure you there's enough money to go around; it's just about priorities!"

"What the absolute f***? And they don't pay most actors enough to qualify for health insurance. F*** these guys," writer Jorge A. Reyes tweeted. "Talk about tone deafness, FFS!" "The Equalizer" writer Christopher Derrick commented.

It's unclear what AI will mean for the entertainment industry...but what is clear is that those within it ain't having it!