• Lukas Gage is living life to the full
  • After his divorce, the actor is finding new things
  • HERE is what he said to 'People'

The actor attended the premiere of 'Road House' and spoke to 'People' magazine about adjusting to life after his split. "It's been great. It's been a year of learning, growing, changing — yeah, just constant change. Life's always changing. Everything's great. Yeah, it's been really good," he said.

Lukas and Chris weren't meant to be

Appleton filed for divorce in 2023 after having "irreconcilable differences". In true Hollywood fashion, the split came seven months after the pair tied the knot in Las Vegas.

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Speaking about his latest project 'Road House', which saw him working alongside Jake Gyllenhaal, Gage described the experience as "a dream scenario..."

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