• Inventing Anna - Anna Sorokin is out of prison
  • But her supposed freedom is limited
  • These restrictions await the former swindler

Inventing Ann's, Anna Sorokin (31) was released from prison, but she is not completely free! She is currently banned from social media.

Inventing Anna - Anna Sorokin has to wear an ankle bracelet

She also has to wear an ankle bracelet so that her location is known at all times, as she is not allowed to leave her house, as VIP.de reports. She takes it easy and even jokes about the device!

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Nevertheless, she is still threatened with deportation from the USA. However, this has not stopped her from being photographed for a fashion magazine shortly after her release.

She already has plans for her future. She is planning on selling painted portraits of herself for large sums of money. This business is something she wants to expand.