• The 14th season NCIS: L.A. has started
  • The first episode raises questions
  • Will "Hetty" die?

The 14th season of NCIS: L.A., has made its debut and the first episode had a lot going for it.

There has been great concern about "Hetty's" whereabouts, as she has been on a secret mission in Syria for some time. Warning, spoilers ahead!

NCIS: L.A.: Is "Hetty" Dead?

"Kilbride" brings "Callen" into his office for a video call with "Commander Neal." He talks about their reconnaissance work with the Syrian forces. They discovered an abandoned school that was used as a secret hideout.

There they found signs of a robbery as well as human remains that had been burned beyond recognition. One body, however, had identification documents with it from an American woman named "Trudy Chambers".

Also Interesting:

When "Callen" hears this, he freezes. The "Trudy" they know is a small person, he says. He asks if that also applies to the person they found, to which they confirm.

"Trudy" is one of "Hetty's" known aliases. But all they can do now is wait for a dental match and DNA identification.

NCIS: L.A.: A body with "Hetty's" alias is found

The death of "Hetty" was so sudden - an idea that was previously unthinkable for many. At the end of the episode, however, the team receives the relieving news that the person found is a girl, not "Hetty".

The question remains: why did the girl have "Hetty's" identification papers on her? "Callen" is sure that she is in danger and wants to look for her.

"Kilbride" talks him out of the plan, however, and thus the team is left uncertain as to "Hetty's" wellbeing.