Being the most nominated male actor in Academy Award history, Jack Nicholson certainly has enough show business experience on his résumé. His grandson, Duke, however is up and coming on the red carpet... and album covers.

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Jack Nicholson's Grandson Duke

Duke Nicholson is a 20-year L.A. kid with, of course, a famous circle of friends, including Jack Kilmer, son of Val Kilmer. His grandmother is actress/writer, Sandra Knight, the only woman Nicholson ever officially married (he's had various partners throughout his life) and his mom is Jennifer Nicholson. 

Duke will has starred in Jordan Peele's newest flick, Us, as well as the dramatic thriller, Dreamland, which features Luke Evans and Lily-Rose Depp. On top of making his way in the silver screen, he was also asked by Lana Del Rey herself to pose on her cover album.

He explained to The Hollywood Reporter: "Lana is a friend of mine and she called me and said, 'Hey, we're doing the album cover tomorrow. You want to be on it?'" Just a casual friendship in LA. Check out the pics below!

Besides doing some modeling work for his good friend Lana, he also modeled for Louis Vuitton's Men Fall 2019 line earlier this year, which was created by designer and dear friend of Kanye, Virgil Abloh. 

We're excited to see more of Duke Nicholson in his up and coming films to discover more of who this young talent is.