• James Corden is one of the most successful show hosts
  • He is said to have made a terrible mistake
  • THIS is why he got kicked out of an upscale restaurant

We wouldn't have expected such behavior from charismatic TV host James Corden. The presenter was banned by the owner of the legendary restaurant Balthazar in New York.

Restaurateur Keith McNally - who has a whole list of banned celebrities from his restaurants - said he kicked out James Corden because of how he treated his staff.

James Corden misbehaved restaurant

Keith also described the presenter as a "tiny cretin of a man" and said he had been the "most abusive customer ever". McNally claimed in online posts that James was known to often misbehave at his former restaurant, Café Luxembourg, and had belittled a waiter.

"James Corden is a Hugely gifted comedian, but a tiny Cretin of a man. And the most abusive customer to my Balthazar servers since the restaurant opened 25 years ago," said Keith.

Also Interesting:

After eating his main course, Corden showed the hair to Balthazar manager G. who was very apologetic. Corden was extremely nasty to G, and said: "Get us another round of drinks this second. And also take care of all of our drinks so far."

The restaurant owner added that James criticized his staff after his wife's egg was allegedly not prepared to her liking.

McNally described the events:

"Mr. Corden's wife ordered an egg yolk omelette with gruyere cheese and salad. A few minutes after they received the food, James called their server and told her there was a little bit of egg white mixed with the egg yolk. The kitchen remade the dish but unfortunately sent it with fries instead of a salad. That's when James Corden began yelling like crazy to the server: 'You can't do your job! You can't do your job! Maybe I should go into the kitchen and cook the omelette myself!'."