• Motsi Mabuse shocked everyone with her recent revelation
  • She was abused by her dance teachers in South Africa
  • Things got better once in Germany

Shocking news from Motsi Mabuse! She was emotionally and physically abused as a child. At that time, the Let's Dance judge had begun her career in South Africa. However, Motsi does not associate only good memories with her childhood.

According to the Daily Mail, she revealed at the Cheltenham Literature Festival that some relationships with her dance teachers were "abusive".

According to Motsi, for example, sentences such as "You dance like a dog" were often repeated. She says, "[...] But nobody thought about taking the kids out of it – everyone thought that's how we discipline kids, but it's not."

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Motsi Mabuse is committed to young dancers

In Germany though, the then 18-year-old Motsi was able to establish a "different relationship" with her teachers. After her experience, the dancer is very adamant that younger dancers receive good supervision.

"Happy, healthy athletes are what we should strive for [...] I don't think it's worth the trophy because how many times have we seen athletes just collapse and come back and then tell their stories. It is not worth it," says Motsi according to Daily Mail.

With her openness, Motsi wants to draw attention to the fact that abuse can also take place on an emotional level. That is why she also employs therapists in her dance schools.