• The Watcher is doing well on Netflix
  • The series is based on true events
  • This is what the real family changed in the show

The Watcher is a new successful true-crime series on Netflix. It is based on a true story. However, the real family that experienced firsthand the nightmare brought by the unknown "Watcher", changed their name in the show from Broaddus to "Brannock".

The Watcher: The real Family had some changes made

According to an article by The Cut, the name change was the personal wish of Maria and Derek Broaddus, the couple who bought the actual house in 2014. The magazine went on to explain that the family wanted rather little to do with the series. However, they worked with Netflix to have some control over the storyline.

Having differences from reality, such as having their name changed, was important to the family. Among other things, the Broaddus family never actually moved into the house, unlike in the series. The couple was renovating it when they were terrorized by "The Watcher" and decided to sell the house.

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The Watcher: For real family, the experience is still traumatic

Moreover, Derek and Maria are in reality the parents of three children, while "Nora" and "Dean Brannock" have only two in the Netflix show. Derek explained in an interview with The Cut that his family will not watch the series - the trailer alone was bad enough and reminded them of the traumatic experienced.

At least Netflix accepted the family's requests for some changes and by selling their story, Maria and Derek were able to make some money out of it all. 

However, according to Derek, the amount collected does not cover the loss incurred by the sale of the house. In 2019, the family sold the creepy house for a much lower price than what they had bought it for five years earlier.