Jason Momoa is one of the biggest hunks around Hollywood these days! Did you know the 6 foot 4 star was recognized on stage for his good looks even before acting? Watch the video to find out more about this charismatic star's life, both past and present!

Jason Momoa: This Is What He Looked Like In Baywatch

As one of the most irresistible actors in Hollywood, we hope you enjoy the video above!

Watch: Jason Momoa once starred in Baywatch

Check out this really old clip from the premiere of the 11th season of Baywatch, which was also called Baywatch: Hawaii. Jason Momoa looks so amazing in 1999 as a 19-year-old in his role as "Jason Ioane"

Jason Momoa made a hilarious cameo on Saturday Night last weekend. AND he was shirtless...

The 'Game of Thrones' star appeared in a sketch with Chance the Rapper...

Jason Momoa Cracks Up As He Makes Hilarious Shirtless Cameo On SNL