Jason Mraz is putting his money where his mouth is when it comes to being an ally to the Black Lives Matter movement! 

That's because as Entertainment Tonight shares, Mraz took to Instagram ahead of the release of his brand-new album Look for the Good to share that all money made from the LP will be donated to Black and social justice organizations.

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Jason Mraz attends the 2019 ASCAP Foundation Honors on December 11, 2019.

Mraz calls for action "beyond promises, thoughts, and prayers"

Mraz's album Look for the Good was just released this Friday, which is also known as Juneteenth— a holiday celebrating liberation from slavery in the United States. The first Juneteenth was on June 19, 1865, and the day has been commemorated annually since.

"On June 19th, a historic day in the advancement of equality, I am proud to stand in solidarity with and be of service to Black Lives by donating all of my earnings from sales and streams of my new LP recording, Look For The Good," Mraz shared on Instagram. "A time has come to act beyond promises, thoughts, and prayers."

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Jason Mraz attends The 2020 NAMM Show Opening Day on January 16, 2020.

Mraz talks about philanthropic work and future efforts as an ally

Mraz went on to say how he's personally seen the difference monetary contributions to charities and organizations have made. "Through my own philanthropic efforts, including my Foundation, I've witnessed how far donations go to make measurable differences in specific communities, whether it's sponsoring programs that bring about real change, or providing vital support to volunteers and staff," he explained.

He also said that by acknowledging his contributions on a public platform, he hopes his actions inspire "other creators and leaders in business to do the same – to share the wealth, to share the profits, and to acknowledge that life is only great when it’s great for everyone."

Mraz also shared he'll be making yearly donations going forward. "Looking ahead, donations will be made annually to (different or same) organizations doing the good work to advance equality and justice…This is a pivotal moment in history, but certainly not the finish line," he said. "What good are my lyrics if they are just lofty words with no action?"

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