Kane Brown decided that now would be a fitting time to release a song he's had in his back pocket for quite a while! As People reports, Brown released his new single "Worldwide Beautiful" on Wednesday, and it has a powerful message of justice and equality.

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Brown's lyrics encourage people to have open hearts and minds

Brown's "Worldwide Beautiful" opens with lyrics directly addressing racial inequality. "White churches, black churches/Different people, same hearses/
It's kinda hard to fight with each other/
Laying down in the ground, six under
/At every show I see my people/They ain't the same but they're all equal
/One love, one God, one family
," he sings.

The song's chorus is just as powerful, encouraging people to be open-minded towards one another. "You're missing every color/
If you're only seeing black and white/
Tell me how you're gonna change your mind/
If your heart's unmovable
," Brown sings. "We ain't that different from each other
/From one to another, I look around
/And see worldwide beautiful

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Brown donating song's proceeds to Boys and Girls Clubs of America

Brown made an Instagram post about the song's release, where he mentioned that "Worldwide Beautiful" had been written some time ago. He also shared that the proceeds from it will be donated to charity.

"I'm releasing this song early that I've been holding onto for a year," Brown said. "I'm hoping it will bring us together during this time and proceeds are being funded to the boys and girls club I love you guys."

Listen to Kane Brown's powerful new song "Worldwide Beautiful" here!

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