• Wednesday is a hit show on Netflix
  • The cast includes Jenna Ortega and Percy Hynes White
  • Could the two be dating?

Wednesday from Netflix is an absolute smash hit with audiences all over the world. Jenna Ortega has absolutely shot to stardom playing the lead role of "Wednesday Addams". And her classmate "Xavier Thorpe" is played by the charming Percy Hynes White.

Jenna and Percy sittin' in a tree...

It's clear that there is chemistry between the co-stars. And fans have long suspected that there is more than just professional courtesy between them. A clue to their possible relationship is that Jenna Ortega had Percy as her date at the Golden Globes.

Also interesting:

The two faced the cameras and the glamour of the evening side by side. And their appearance together fueled the already existing romantic rumors. However, neither Jenna nor Percy have confirmed a relationship. But will that change in the future?

Watch the video above to learn more!