• Jenna Ortega stars in the hit Netflix series Wednesday
  • She is known for her deadpan facial expressions
  • Jenna explains the one time her character broke down

Jenna Ortega is a master and not showing her feelings. When she plays "Wednesday" it's hard to tell what she's thinking because emotions are completely absent from her face! It's one of the things that make fans come back to the show time and again. And at the moment, Jenna can do no wrong with the character.

Jenna Ortega sure knows when to bring out the tears

Despite her unreadable expressions, there is room for showing some humanity. She is a somber character, but "Wednesday" does cry only once. Why exactly is that? Ortega was a guest on a talk show recently and explained that it was a big moment on the show as she spoke to Still Watching Netflix.

Also interesting:

"It's also a really important moment for 'Wednesday'. I think it's the only time we really see her cry", said Jenna. And it is a pivotal moment in her character's development. This is the scene when she rushes to "Uncle Fester" to save the "Thing".

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