• Does Jenna Ortega have a boyfriend?
  • The "Wednesday" star is open about relationships
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Jenna Ortega (20) is one of the most attractive Hollywood stars and turns some men's heads. Nevertheless, the actress apparently does not want to have a relationship and would rather remain single. But why?

Jenna Ortega is opening up about relationships like never before

In an interview with the fashion magazine Elle Jenna Ortega revealed: "Maybe I'm too obsessed with my work, but the thought of a relationship is stressing me out", said the Wednesday actress and further explains: "I hate being googoogaga over a boy. I think it's secretly a matter of pride.“

Also interesting:

She admits that she doesn't want to make herself vulnerable and is afraid of allowing closeness. Work is said to play a large part in her attitude toward love.

"I want to live up to people's expectations. That's something I have to overcome, but I'm also afraid that someone will get to know me too well and realize that I'm not all that,' she candidly admits to Elle.

Will she change her mind about this? So far, the Netflix star is simply enjoying her single life and happy with it. Professionally, however, Jenna Ortega will soon begin filming an untitled movie with musician The Weeknd.