• Actress Jenna Ortega stars in Wednesday on Netflix
  • She got some "Wednesday Addams" lines removed from the script
  • Ortega revealed what one of the lines was

Jenna Ortega's performance in Wednesday has connected with fans around the world. And it turns out the actress herself had some say in her character's lines. 

Ortega now revealed that she felt certain lines didn't fit her character, so they were cut from the script. And she singled out one in particular...

Jenna Ortega cut THIS "Wednesday Addams" line

The line was from the scene where "Wednesday Addams" is choosing what to wear to the school dance. She discovers that "Thing" stole a dress for her from a shop they had visited earlier.

Which would've had "Wednesday" say: "Oh my God, I’m freaking out over a dress. I literally hate myself."

Also interesting:

In a Netflix Q&A, Jenna Ortega said she was initially "supposed to say" that line, but it didn't feel like "Wednesday."

She explained: "It was just a bunch of little things like that. I felt like we were able to avoid a lot of dialogue in an attempt to make her sound human."

Sure enough, we never hear the dress freak-out from "Wednesday" in the episode.

Actress Jenna Ortega has been open about her vision for "Wednesday Addams." Clearly she's not afraid to fight for it...

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