Jennifer Lawrence is one of the most high profile actresses of all time and in the current movie and television industry. She recently got married to Cooke Maroney who is a high-end gallerist working as a director for Manhattan's Upper East Side gallery Gladstone 64. We found ourselves wondering how the happy couple met...

They hit it off immediately

A source close to the couple told Entertainment Tonight that the pair first met when they were "just enjoying an evening out with friends." According to the source, at the time they were both single and hit it off immediately. The couple have a lot in common, for instance they come from close families, they enjoy spending time with friends, they love to travel and they have both built very strong careers for themselves. 

Cooke changed Jennifer's mind about marriage

They apparently hit it off so well that Cooke even changed Jennifer's mind on marriage as she previously said she was never at any point in her life where she wanted to get married. That all change when she met Cooke! Their love-at-first-sight romance contributed to their engagement which happened just eight months after they met!

We are so happy for both Jennifer Lawrence and Cooke Maroney that they found their match within one another and we wish them a lifetime of love and happiness! 

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