• J.Lo reveals she and Ben Affleck still have PTSD from their first romance
  • She opens up about past Struggles and present triumphs
  • The couple had a tumultuous love story

Jennifer Lopez (54) spills the tea to 'Variety' about the "PTSD" she and her beau, Ben Affleck (51), endured during their whirlwind romance back in the day. But hold on to your hats, folks, because this isn't just a trip down memory lane—this is a victory lap for love!

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"Following my heart" - J.Lo's bold move

In true diva fashion, Lopez declares, "As artists, we have to follow our heart," as she gears up for the release of her new album and film, 'This Is Me ... Now.' Despite the naysayers, Lopez is all in, ready to shine a spotlight on her love life with Affleck once more. And let's be real, who wouldn't want a front-row seat to that?

Fast forward 18 years, and the couple's got it all figured out. "We're older now, we're smarter," Lopez tells PEOPLE, adding that they're now navigating the waters of fame with a brood of five and some hard-earned life lessons. It's all about respect, appreciation, and knowing what's "really important in life," and these two are schooling us all in the art of grown-up romance.

Surviving the circus: A love rekindled 

Reflecting on the media frenzy that once threatened to tear them apart, Lopez admits they're "strong enough now to know what's real and what's not." With the wisdom of the years, Bennifer 2.0 is unshakable, turning their once tumultuous love story into a tale of triumph.

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Now, mark your calendars for Feb. 16, 2024, as Lopez drops her first studio album in a decade, alongside a companion film directed by Dave Meyers. Co-written by the power couple themselves, this "musical and visual reimagining" of their love life is set to be a blockbuster hit, with Lopez promising a "musical experience" like no other.