Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez are taking the time to work on their relationship! A source recently told People that since the couple arrived in the Caribbean to shoot their latest project, they have been making an effort to reconnect and figure things out going forward.

Lopez and Rodriguez "are taking things slowly"

Lopez is filming the new movie Shotgun Wedding with Rodriguez, and the source shared that the two have been enjoying their time together— even when the cameras aren't rolling! "It has been great for them to spend time in person," the insider said, adding that both Lopez and Rodriguez "seem much happier."

Earlier this month, the couple spoke out amid rumours they had split, saying that they're "working through some things." But while Lopez and Rodriguez are still together, their situation is far from perfect. The source explained that the two "are taking things slowly" and "still have a lot to figure out before their relationship is great again."

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez

Lopez and Rodriguez won't be getting married any time soon

Lopez was reportedly "very much ready to give up" on her relationship with fiancé Rodriguez, as she's "struggling with trust issues." However, the source said that the singer "is happy that they are still together"! While Lopez and Rodriguez were supposed to get married last year, they cancelled their wedding plans because of the pandemic.

The source said that while the two "are far from planning a wedding again," they "are still engaged." As People mentions, another insider has also shared that Lopez and Rodriguez currently "want to spend time in person to figure out their life together." Here's hoping that things will work out for the couple!