• Jennifer Lopez recently launched a new alcohol
  • She had said she no longer drinks alcohol before
  • Fans weren't too thrilled

Since it was J.Lo, it was, of course, big news on social media. Accompanied by a video showing the artist on the Italian coast, the news was met with a lot of opposition from her fans! The reason for this is the fact that J.Lo has repeatedly stated that she no longer consumes alcoholic beverages.

Jennifer probably didn't expect this!

What makes the whole thing even more curious is that in the past, her husband Ben Affleck stated that he had alcohol problems and had been in a rehab...

Also interesting:

The fans themselves were less than impressed, as the comments clearly showed. "Wow...disappointed in you, Jen!" or "Another star who glorifies alcohol to make some money," some of the comments read.

Watch the video above to learn more!