Jennifer Lopez is opening up about how the power of positive affirmation can help give people a sense of purpose! As People shares, Lopez is one of the brand ambassadors for Coach, and appears in the first video of a new conversational YouTube series from the luxury label, which was released on Friday.

Lopez affirms importance of hearing what "speaks to you"

Lopez's episode of the series, which has been dubbed "Coach Conversations," is titled "What's Your Calling?" In the video, the superstar talks to podcast host, author, and "purpose coach" Jay Shetty about how people often struggle when it comes to figuring out what they're meant to do in life. And according to Lopez, this is why she considers positive affirmation such an important tool!

"There is so much pressure around finding your purpose, and I do think you have to listen to yourself, and the words you tell yourself," she shares in the video. "What you say becomes your reality. When something really speaks to you—a mission, a calling, a purpose—you need to trust that you're the right person to manifest that."


Lopez shares her personal favourite positive affirmation

Lopez also had some fun answering rapid-fire questions earlier on in the episode! She revealed that her favourite affirmation is "I am open and receptive to all the goodness and abundance that the universe has to offer," and that her mother always makes her "laugh out loud." And when asked about her favourite dance move, the "On the Floor" singer admitted that she doesn't have one— but she's most known for her "booty shake"!

Coach Creative Director Stuart Vevers shared that "Coach Conversations" aims to bring together individuals affiliated with the brand for "authentic and inspiring conversations." And as People mentions, Lopez's video will be followed by one that stars Michael B. Jordan, set to be released sometime next month! The monthly release of each episode will coincide with a significant annual occasion— for example, Earth Day in April and Pride in June.