• Jennifer Love Hewitt is a beloved American actress
  • She has been in the spotlight for almost three decades now
  • THIS is how she feels about some comments on her aging

Jennifer Love Hewitt continues to be one of the most beautiful women around. The '9-1-1' star recently graced the podcast 'Inside of You with Michael Rosenbaum,' where she got candid about the criticism she faced after sharing a fresh, makeup-free look on Instagram. Hollywood is tough place to get love, and fans can be ruthless.

Jennifer was shocked at the vitriol

"Aging in Hollywood is really hard," Hewitt lamented. "You can't do anything right." After debuting a chic dark bob sans makeup, the actress was slammed with claims of being "unrecognizable." But Hewitt wasn't having it! She clapped back with humor, posting more selfies with "over-the-top, crazy" filters, only to be met with more backlash.

"It was just a filter that like, at the time, looked nice in the light at the salon." she added. "I really gave it no thought."

"The picture ended up somewhere, and a bunch of people were like, 'Jennifer Love Hewitt is unrecognizable... so she's gone to filters because she doesn't want us to know how bad she actually looks now in her 40s,'" Hewitt said.

"They were like, 'Well, now she's just defending herself,' and, 'Why is she defending?'" she said. "I realized I can do no right."

"Why are you focusing so much on these a**holes who have nothing better to do than to put you down?" Rosenbaum asked.

"Because to pretend we don't is a lie," Hewitt replied. "You don’t want to care what people think about you, but you have to care what people think about you."

The 'Criminal Minds' star didn't shy away from the topic, admitting that ignoring the haters is a "lie." Despite the negativity, Hewitt also highlighted the love and support from fans who've grown up alongside her. "They look like I do now," she shared, touching on the shared journey of aging.

Hers is an all too familiar story in Tinsel Town. Given the fact that stars are always at the forefront of beauty and cosmetics, perhaps it is to be expected that this kind of criticism should come with the territory of being world famous.

Also interesting:

Her daughter, Autumn is only 10 and is still impressionable. The 'I Know What You Did Last Summer' star expressed worry over the dangerous messages society sends to women about their appearance.

"It's dangerous to say to women, 'You can't look like you're not 22 to me anymore,'" she stated, advocating for a more accepting view of natural aging.

Reflecting on her younger years, Hewitt opened up about the pressures of being labeled "sexy" before understanding what it meant. "That girl was so insecure," she said, looking back at her early days in the industry.

These days, she has earned the right to do whatever she wants with her style, and we are all here for it.