Tom Holland reprised his role as Marvel superhero "Spider-Man" to make Jimmy Kimmel's son Billy's birthday extra special! The touching moment happened when Holland appeared via video on Tuesday's episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live!.

Kimmel explained that he had made a promise to 3-year-old Billy that the real "Spider-Man" would come to his birthday party. However, despite the fact that the current circumstances made it impossible for this to happen in person, Holland and Kimmel teamed up to pull off Billy's birthday surprise virtually!

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Holland sings "Happy Birthday" to Billy as "Peter Parker"

Holland first appeared onscreen bundled up in a red hoodie with sunglasses meant to resemble the "Spider-Man" costume as Kimmel watched with his son Billy and daughter Jane.

Then he revealed his face, introducing himself as "Spider-Man's" civilian alter ego "Peter Parker"! 5-year-old Jane recognized the iconic character immediately, shouting "That's Peter Parker!" before Holland had made his introduction.

Holland talked to Billy and sang "Happy Birthday" to him, making the 3-year-old's dream of seeing his favourite superhero a reality. Kimmel's daughter Jane became visibly shy during the interaction when the host told Holland his daughter thought that Peter Parker had a cute face. 

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Holland reveals that Ryan Reynolds sent him "spider-gin"

Holland also mentioned during his appearance on Kimmel that he's been quarantined in London drinking with friends. "Not really because we’re all drunk all the time," he said when the host asked if they'd had any issues being confined in one space. "We can’t complain, we have a lovely outdoors space and the weather in London has been really nice, we’re doing fine, we’re all good".

He shared that right after saying he would stop drinking for a week, Ryan Reynolds sent him a case of "spider-gin" from his gin company Aviation. Holland has been getting creative while in quarantine as well, as he told Kimmel he and his brother Harry wrote a screenplay together the two sent to producers!

Watch Tom Holland's "Spider-Man" birthday surprise for Jimmy Kimmel's son Billy here!

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