Former *NSYNC member Joey Fatone brought up the idea of a potential boy band reunion! Is he joining Justin Timberlake, Lance Bass, JC Chasez, and Chris Kirkpatrick for something new? 

The 42-year-old singer said that after the group - minus Justin Timberlake - performed at the Coachella Music Festival with Ariana Grande earlier this year, they talked about the possibility of reuniting. "So, I say never say never. But we really don’t know… I’m only one [member]. There’s others," he said, according to Yahoo.

Former band member Lance Bass also talks about a possible reunion

Only a couple months ago, former *NSYNC member Lance Bass also talked about a possible reunion. He said he doesn't "see anything happening any time soon," because all of them are quite busy; though he admitted "it would be lovely."

He also said they are "the worst communicators in the history of Earth," and joked about their interaction: "Justin’s very busy in the studio, and Chris is just, you know, the best dad right now, so he’s never looking at his phone. Joey and I are pretty good at responding, but, oh, JC is the worst, though. It’ll take him three weeks to respond to a text,” he said.

Is Justin Timberlake participating in a potential *NSYNC reunion?

The whole band, including Justin Timberlake, reunited in April at their Walk of Fame ceremony. Sad news is that according to Fatone, Justin has already made it clear he would not participate in a reunion.