• Comedian John Cleese is known to be controversial
  • His latest political remark landed him in very hot water
  • THIS is what he had to say about Donald Trump

John Cleese is not one to hold back. Any of his many fans will tell you that. But it's possible the comedy legend might have stepped right in it this time. You decided for yourself. The 'Monty Python' star, known for his razor-sharp wit, took to X (formerly Twitter) with a list that has both ruffled feathers and tickled funny bones.

John's comedy is not made for all ears

Cleese's jest listed "five ways Hitler was preferable to Trump," citing Hitler's service to his country and his apparent fondness for canines, among other points. Then, in a cheeky twist, Cleese struggled to find "five ways Trump is preferable to Hitler," leaving the list woefully incomplete. It was all fun and games for Cleese, but not everyone was in on the laugh.

The backlash came thick and fast, prompting Cleese to issue a swift apology, albeit with a tongue-in-cheek tone that suggested he was well aware of the incoming storm. "I would like to apologize for my last tweet. It was a very bad joke, especially on Boxing Day," he posted, mere minutes after the original tweet.

However, he then reposted a number of messages supporting the joke, including one saying: "They both have a silly walk", a reference to the famous Monty Python comedy sketch. This isn’t the first time Cleese has roasted Trump, who is leading the Republican nomination polls.

After the former President tested positive for coronavirus in 2020, Cleese posted: "A doctor friend of mine tells me that Covid19 symptoms include delusions of grandeur, compulsive attention-seeking, extreme narcissism…"

Cleese also called Trump supporters "the stupidest people" during an interview on ITV’s short-lived UK chat series 'The Nightly Show' back in 2017. He is a former Santa Barbara resident.

And Cleese wasn't about to back down without a fight. He reposted messages from followers championing his comedic freedom and sparred with those who mistook his satire for a statement of preference. "The literal-minded are always with us," Cleese quipped, lamenting their inability to grasp the nuance of his humor.

As the political climate surrounding the American elections continues to heat up, it's easy to see how comments like these can ignite a fire that is tough to put out. Fans and foes alike lit up the comment section with opinions, both kind a not so kind, and there's bound to be more of it until Americans go to the ballots in 2024.

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As the debate raged on, Cleese stood his ground, defending his comedic territory with the ferocity of a "Fawlty Towers" tirade. He dismissed critics as lacking a sense of context and humor, advising the easily offended to unfollow him and find amusement elsewhere.

Despite the furore, Cleese remains as busy as ever, hosting "The Dinosaur Hour" on GB News and working on the anticipated "Fawlty Towers" reboot. But it's clear that when it comes to stirring the pot, Cleese is still a master chef in the kitchen of controversy.