• John Lennon's guitar is up for sale
  • It has resurfaced after 50 years
  • HERE are the details of the sale

In an astonishing turn of events, a guitar once strummed by John Lennon (legendary musician of The Beatles) and lost for over half a century, has been auctioned for a jaw-dropping $2.9 million.

It has resurfaced after 50 years. Decades later, new owners living in the rural British countryside rediscovered the guitar in the midst of their move and put it up for auction with an estimate of between £485,000 and £647,000.

A piece of history

This 12-string acoustic marvel, known as the Hootenanny, played a pivotal role in the creation of the Beatles' albums 'Rubber Soul' and 'Help!' in 1965. Discovered in a British attic, this piece of music history has now become one of the most valuable Beatles memorabilia ever sold.

Imagine finding a piece of rock 'n' roll royalty hidden in your attic! That's exactly what happened in Britain when a man stumbled upon a guitar that had been missing for 50 years. This wasn't just any guitar, but John Lennon's beloved 12-string acoustic, the Hootenanny, used to record hits that defined a generation.

After its heyday in the mid-60s, Lennon, in a gesture of generosity, passed the 1964 Framus-made guitar to Gordon Waller of Peter & Gordon. From there, it found its way to a road manager's attic, where it lay forgotten, gathering dust, until its miraculous discovery earlier this year.

Julien's Auctions couldn't contain their excitement when they got the call about the guitar's discovery. "It's like finding a lost treasure!" exclaimed Darren Julien, co-founder of the auction house.

David Goodman, the chief executive of the auctioneers, said: "We are absolutely thrilled and honoured to have set a new world record with the sale of John Lennon’s lost Hootenanny guitar.

"This guitar is not only a piece of music history but a symbol of John Lennon’s enduring legacy. Today’s unprecedented sale is a testament to the timeless appeal and reverence of the Beatles’ music and John Lennon."

The auction, held in Los Angeles, saw the guitar fetching a staggering $2.9 million, a testament to its historical significance and the undying legacy of The Beatles.

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This sale not only highlights the enduring love for The Beatles but also the incredible stories that lie behind the instruments that created their timeless music.

The Hootenanny guitar's journey from Lennon's hands to a forgotten attic and finally to the auction block is a story of rediscovery that has captivated Beatles fans and collectors worldwide.