Comedian John Oliver is revealing how emotional he felt casting a ballot for the first time since becoming an American citizen. 

Oliver, who became a citizen last December, has often talked about politics on his HBO series Last Week Tonight and didn't shy away from it once again while appearing virtually on Stephen Colbert's The Late Show.

John Oliver reveals how emotional voting was

For the first time ever, John Oliver was able to vote in an American election! Becoming a citizen last December, Oliver revealed while virtually appearing on Stephen Colbert's The Late Show how he almost cried when he cast his ballot!

Oliver, who said the experience was "amazing", also revealed just how emotional it was for him to be a part of a historic election.

"As an immigrant who had just got his citizenship in December of last year, I was waiting for that to feel real," he told the host. "When you worry about your immigration status all the time and even getting your passport still doesn't feel real because you haven't tested it against a system."

Oliver continued, "Standing in line, I thought maybe this will be it and I didn't feel it. Giving them my name and getting the ballot, I didn't feel it."

It wasn't until Oliver actually cast his ballot in, did it finally settle in! 

"Scanning it into the machine and the machine saying, 'Your vote has been counted,' I nearly burst into tears. That is the truth. My eyes got misty. I thought, 'I don't know if I can cry in a voting station,'" he said.

Along with John Oliver, reality star and model Yolanda Hadid was also among celebs able to vote for the first time. Similarly, on October 22, Ryan Reynolds announced he, too voted for the first time in America alongside his wife, Blake Lively.

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